Rental Potential

Oval is currently ranked number one in the top 10 buy-to-let areas in London according to the Evening Standard, 10th February 2016.

“Oval’s prospects for capital growth look promising because the area is still better value than much of the rest of London. Being sandwiched between regeneration zones at Nine Elms and Elephant & Castle should help raise prices too.”

14102940_sThe flats at 82 Meadow Road make for excellent rental properties as the annual service charges will be fair and reasonable; there will be no on-site porters to pay, gyms to maintain, nor lifts or swimming pools to service.

These apartments will also be low maintenance properties as the roof, electrical circuits and plumbing will all be new and of excellent quality.

Do call us on 020 3142 5890 with any questions you may have about prospective rental yields.